About Me

Hi, I'm Lorraine (Lors), and welcome to my website. I have lived in the Bridge of Don for 24 years now, so know all the best walks! I love dogs, they are my passion, my hobby and my life (sorry hubby)!
My five are full of life and I couldn't be without them. Training and bonding with them is my fun! 
I am a member of a local kennel club registered agility club. I train every week and compete regularly at agility competitions. 


My dogs 


Ben is a 10 year old border collie from Mrs Murrays. He was my first agility dog, and was fantastic!
He has won many trophies and rosettes in his time, helping me work my way up the agility grades. 
He retired from agility this year and now runs for fun in the veteran classes, but still enjoys a good long walk at the beach!



Kara is also adopted from Mrs Murrays, having travelled down from Shetland to find her forever home. 
She is 9 years old now, but you wouldn't know that to see her running around and playing with the younger dogs. 
I'm so proud of this girl and what she has achieved - Kara has in the past qualified for the semi finals for Olympia and in 2015 competed at crufts with a Junior from the kennel club in 2 events . 



Suri is all the way from Romania! She is a diva in all senses of the word, even turning her nose up at the agility world.
Having said that, she is a sweet playful wee girl who loves a cuddle and a belly rub in the evening. 




Fly is my once in a lifetime dog now 4 1/2 years old  rescued from a farm. In her first year of competing in agility she has won five 1st places! I'm very proud of her.
Fly has also been to crufts in 2016 and competed in 2 events this year 2017 she has qualified for the British open championship with a junior from the kennel club and will be competing in October On walks, all the dogs love to chase her as she is just so fast!


Swift is my new baby born in January 2017 and my first ever puppy that is a non rescue she is now 9 months old and just starting out in her agility training https://sites.google.com/site/dogwalktestsite1/about-me/IMG_3197.JPG